North Side Charters

Pursuing skinny-water stripers on the pristine flats of Cape Cod Bay with Captain Alex Gottlieb

What We Do

The Fishery

The Fish

The Gear

The shallow flats and deep channels of Cape Cod Bay offer some of the finest striped bass sight fishing found anywhere. Our expansive intertidal flats are the largest in Northern America, and the nearby bays offer countless hide-aways for stripers.
Contrary to popular belief, stripers of all sizes venture regularly and bodly on to shallow flats. They will blitz on the surface, chase down baitfish aggressively, or slowly and carefully dig through the sand for crabs and shrimp.
Hands down, the best and most fun way to chase stripers on the flats is on the fly. Fly rods allow us to gently present realistic, light flies at significant distance. What's more, it makes for a great fight once they're on!
  1. Tian Shi Lake, China
  2. Aurora Borealis, Norway

The Boat

The Flies

My 19' Carolina Skiff is the perfect boat to chase these skinny-water stripers. It's big enough to run through choppy water, but light enough to float in shallow water and move well on a push pole.
After a couple years on the flats, it became apparent that the standard striper flies wouldn't quite cut it. I set to developing my own arsenal designed specifically for the discerning stripers of the flats. All flies used during our day are tied by yours truly.
I first picked up a fly rod when I was ten, and soon found myself spending more time on shallow flats than anywhere else. To most, they were a side novelty; to me, they became home. In the years since then, I've honed in on where the stripers hang out, how they act, and what they'll eat. I now love to take clients out on the water and show them the beauty of the flats system and the ways of its residents.