About Captain Alex Gottlieb
    I grew up outside Boston in a family that had fished recreationally for a couple generations. At age 10, I traded a spin rod for a fly rod, with trout and perch as my quarry. The first couple years weren't very fruitful, as I taught myself how to cast. Gradually, I started throwing a better line and made my way to the salt. I soon realized that stripers, not trout, were the fish for me
     ​I found my way to the flats in my first  year of saltwater fly fishing, and was immediately taken. For the next couple seasons, I would be found only on the flats. After years, I finally figured it out and started catching some large fish. Now that my obsession had been quieted, if only a bit, I took the time to explore and appreciate all the other great fishing on Cape Cod.
    I take great pride in providing a valuable service and helping clients have a good time while becoming more accomplished anglers. A good friend of mine and fellow guide told a young me that a captain takes you out fishing for a day, while a guide teaches you fishing for a day. I strive every day to be the best guide I can.
    I'm currently studying in biomedical engineering and biochemistry in the UMass Amherst honors college, with an eye toward a career in research.