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Our Fishery and the Fish

The fish

Striped Bass

Striped bass, or stripers, are our target day in, day out. They can be ferocious or picky, reckless or wary. They'll ambush bait on marsh edges, blitz miles offshore, and traverse flats so shallow their dorsal fins protrude. They are the great game fish of the Northeast.


Bluefish are known for one thing: pure aggression. They'll feed on the surface for hours, vomiting so they can continue to stuff their bellies with fresh bait. Once a big bluefish feels the hook, it's something like being attached to a freight train. In their smaller sizes, they're a great choice for kids or newbies.

False Albacore and Bonito

Collectively known as "funny fish," these two species of small inshore tunoids swim like torpedoes and pull like nothing else. They show up in the fall to gorge themselves on small bait for a month, then leave broken gear and memories in their wake. Tangling with these speedsters is an absolute must for any fly or light tackle angler.

Black Sea Bass

These bottom dwellers happily seize upon metal jigs in the spring and summer. Jigging with frequent bites can be great fun for experienced anglers and kids alike. If you want to be the hero of the dinner table, be sure to make time for these guys– their meat is white, sweet, and firm.

Where we fish

The South Side

The South Side of the Cape is the place to go for variety. We can find stripers in the rips, bluefish slamming bait on the surface, or tasty black sea bass lurking on the bottom. We can throw flies or massive pencil poppers, and anything in between. This can be a great trip for kids, with some easy targets and constant action.

The Flats

​​Stripers love shallow water. Find the right sand flat at the right time and you'll find bass. And lucky for us, our beautiful fishery boasts miles upon miles of flats. Hard, white sand under crystal-clear shallow water, with bass of all sizes zipping back and forth in search of a snack. The flats are the ultimate test of an angler's skill, and once you've gotten a taste, you'll keep coming back. Consider yourself warned.


The Bay

​​If you want to chase big bass on the surface, Cape Cod Bay is the place for you. We'll cruise all around the Bay hunting down the next ferocious feed. Once we've found the fish, just get a fly or lure in the frenzy and hold on for dear life. This is a great option for intermediate fisherman or anybody looking to get their shot at seriously big fish.

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The flats​​​

    Once you target stripers on the flats, you'll never see them the same way again. Gray shapes glide below the surface, demanding a great cast, the right fly or lure, and an enticing retrieve to be tamed. The learning curve is steep, and the fish unforgiving. Lucky for you, we're here to help.
    After I first fished the flats, it was the only thing I wanted to do. I spent nearly five season exclusively fishing the flats and figuring out the secrets of these fish. Now, when you join us for a day on the flats, you'll have the best chance possible to tangle with a big fish in shallow water. Success or failure, you'll have a great time doing it.
    Our shallow-water fishery is unparalleled anywhere. We have miles and miles of shallow flats to chase small groups of fish, sandbars to scour for single bruisers, and sharp channel and marsh edges to blind cast. Thanks to low fishing pressure, especially from boaters, there is always a secret flat to hit, and fresh fish to be found.

Did You Know?

  1. 4000+
    Acreage of our largest continuous flats system
  2. 14'6"
    Our largest monthly tidal exchange
  3. ~25"
    Size of our average flats striper
A Note on Conservation
Anyone who has spent time on Northeast waters –and many who haven't– knows stripers are under stress. Recreational and commercial harvests take a significant toll on the population. In the interests of maintaining the fishery for the future, I strongly encourage catch-and-release for all stripers caught on my boat. If you're interested in bringing home dinner, we can discuss our options, like pursuing sea bass, bluefish, or keeping a single medium-sized striper.