Our different


  1. The Full Day
    The Full Day
    With the flexibility of a full eight hours, we can explore distant and productive flats, go chasing that trophy, and find some surface action. Great for passionate anglers that want as much time on the water as possible –sleep when you're dead.
  2. The Half Day
    The Half Day
    The half day trip is a great way to get on the water for anglers with time or budget restrictions. We'll get on some fish, see the sights, and get you back by lunch.
  3. Six-hour trip
    Six-hour trip
    The not-quite-full day is a perfect option for many anglers. We'll have time to cover ground and check out several spots without getting too worn out. This also coincides with the length of a tide cycle and is good for flats-only trips
What's Provided?
  • High-end fly and light tackle from various manufacturers
  • Custom flies and lure: Feel free to bring your own specialties, but all flies needed for the day will be provided
  • All terminal tackle
  • Cooler with ice and water
  • Lunch pickup usually available upon request for additional cost
What Should You Bring?
  • Polarized sunglasses!! It's nearly impossible to see fish and have a successful day without polarized sunglasses. If you're not sure your sunglasses are polarized, look at a digital screen. If you see a rainbow, you're good to go
  • Lightweight long-sleeve shirt
  • Pullover/sweatshirt and rain coat
  • Hat and buff for face protection
  • Sunscreen- You're going to want it for any exposed skin
  • Snacks for yourself (if they're tasty, a little extra for the guide never hurt!)
  • Optional- A packed lunch. It's unwise to leave for 6 hours or more without something substantial to eat.
  • Optional- Flats walking boots. I typically do not use any, but you may wish to do so
How We Fish
  ​​  ​ When the boat won't offer us any advantage, like easier casting or sighting due to depth, I'll almost always opt to go on foot. There's something great about being in the water with the fish, and it's far stealthier than a boat. All the flats we wade are hard sand, and we rarely fish at any depth above mid-thigh. The milage, however, can add up, so let me know ahead of time if you have any concerns about your ability to wade a lot during the day and we'll make it work.
    Some anglers, I know, don't love the idea of walking the flats barefoot. If you would be more comfortable wearing wading shoes, feel free to bring a pair along, but I think them unnecessary. We typically fish without waders, with the only exceptions coming in the early season. We can chat before your trip about if we need waders. 
   If you have any questions or concerns about our style of fishing and how it fits your comforts or needs, please be open about it and we will find a solution for you. This is your day, after all, not mine, and you won't have a good time if you're not okay with how we're fishing.
Honesty is the Best Policy
   The way we fish can be challenging, as the fish on the flats can be spooky and selective. There are ways to make things a little more forgiving, like fishing deeper water or putting a few fish in the boat before moving on to hard stuff. So we can plan our day to maximize success, please be open about your level of fishing experience and casting proficiency. It will allow me to better select timing relative to tides and which landing to use. Of course, clients of all skill levels are welcome, and helping clients improve casting and presentation skills is an integral part of my job every day.