Cape cod fly fishing and light tackle guided trips


Half day- $425
6 hour trip- $550
Full day- $650​​
 ​​​​​​    I collect a $150 deposit at the time of booking. Please use a check; it will not be deposited until after our trip. Your deposit must be received a week in advance of your day to reserve your spot. You may reschedule for non-weather reasons up to a week in advance and I will happily roll your deposit over to a new day of your choosing. You may also cancel for a full refund with more than a week's notice. If you cancel within a week, I will be forced to keep your deposit unless I can book another client for the day.
    As captain, I reserve the right to cancel or postpone any trip due to inclement weather. If we cancel a trip due to weather, you may reschedule the day. If you choose not to, I will shred your deposit check. If we are forced off the water by weather, the price of the day will be adjusted based on the length of our trip. When we leave the dock, you will be charged for a half day. 
    In the very rare instance that a client is more than 45 minutes late and cannot be reached, I will leave and cancel the day with no deposit refund. If you are running more than 15 minutes late, please give me a heads up. That said, please be on time, as the tides wait for no one.
    In the event that a client breaks or damages a piece of equipment , they will be responsible for repair costs. This can run from $50-100. 
    If you have any questions or concerns about these policies, feel free to ask. Though these are the stated policies, I may make reasonable exceptions at my discretion.
Split Boat Policy
If your party includes more than 3 anglers, we will need to book a second captain for the day. There is a $75 dollar fee to arrange the second boat, in addition to normal rates for both vessels.

It's a conversation few guides or clients want to have, but a bit of advance planning can eliminate any discomfort. Any size gratuity is greatly appreciated, but not required. As guides, a tip at the end of the day is a token of appreciation for a job well done. The extra cash helps greatly to, in my case, save for the future and cover unexpected expenses. About three-quarters of clients tip, and the standard tip runs $40-60. Whatever you feel comfortable with is appreciated; if you prefer, for any reason, not to tip, that decision is completely acceptable.

Fall Fishing Policies

Due to the more difficult logistics of fall fishing, our reservation and deposit policies must reflect that difficulty. A non-refundable deposit of $200 will be taken to reserve your date. More than ten days before the trip, the date may be changed to a mutually agreeable day within the same season. Within ten days your trip may not be refunded or rescheduled without loss of deposit. If your trip is cancelled by the captain, your deposit will be refunded. The captain reserves the sole right to cancel trips due to weather.